What is a bulging disc?

August 25, 2019

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A bulging disc is the health condition that occurs when the inner nucleus of the spinal disc protrudes to the outer disc layer.  The bulging of the disc bulge results due to an application of excess pressure on the disc or even due to degeneration of the disc and its walls for the aged. However, at times, you may be having a bulge, but it’s not given that you have a  bulging disc and hence you must be sure of what problem you may be having. In most cases, it is tough to differentiate between a herniated disc and a bulging disc since both of them have some similar signs and symptoms, but they are different.


With a  bulging disc, the inner nucleus of the spine discs protrudes to the outside disc layer, but with a  patient who has a herniated disc, the inner nucleus of the spine breaks through the outer layer of the disc. However, in both the circumstance, when you have a bulging disc, you will realise that there is a very significant problem in the areas that surround your spine.


However, different places around the spine can be affected by the bulging disc due to various reasons, but a bulging neck and back are the primary concerns with most people. Bulging disc in the neck and back are mainly caused by sciatica, spinal stenosis, and pinched nerves.

When you are suffering from a bulging disc, you will experience a lot of pain in the area that surrounds the bulge. There will also be a lot of tingling and numbness on the nerves in the legs and arms and frequent migraines. Although the signs and symptoms can be there, they are more evident when you are working, and you are required to apply pressure to the disc thereby making it bulge and hence coming into contact with the nerves causing a lot of pain.


With time the disc becomes damaged, and this affects other parts of the body. However, the position of the bulge determines the body parts that could be affected by the bulging disc. When you are diagnosed with a bulging disc, the therapist must ask you when you experience the symptoms and when doing what kind of activities. This will help the doctor know the affected body parts and the type of diagnosis to give you.


There are different kinds of treatment that your therapist can offer to you when you are diagnosed with a bulging disc. When the procedure begins, the doctor will prescribe you a medication that will be god for rest and reducing the inflammation you may be having. You can also purchase some anti-inflammatory medicines and pain relievers in the pharmacy, even without having a doctor’s prescription. Since most of the pain is caused by inflammation in the discs, the medication you receive will be of much help to you. In case the pain in the bulge does not go, it is good that you visit your therapist for the next step in your bulging disc therapy.


The extent of your bulging disc will determine the next step. If the bulging disc is not so severe, you can have some bulging disc exercises to help you in healing the damaged disc, but if the bulging disc is severe, it can make your spine to be permanently damaged. For this reason, a bulging disc surgery is the best option.