Welcome to the engagement photography display. As should be obvious from the displays included, Hazel has shot many romantic tales.

Hazel likes to catch as a great part of the couple’s association and identities in their Lovebirds engagement session.

The sessions are laid-back, fun and we essentially go on a little experience together, archiving your romantic tale en route. I am there to give guidance and direction, however there is no unbalanced posturing or shabby photographs on my watch! The most peaceful photograph session you could have – why not give it a shot! Book your engagement session today!


A photograph shoot led whenever before the wedding and enables the lady of the hour and prep to get settled before the camera preceding the big day.

Engagement photography is otherwise called an e-shoot or e-session however honestly I don’t care for any of those terms since it’s exceptionally uncommon to really photo the couple at the time they get ready for marriage. Typically the engagement session is done when a connected with couple books their wedding photography bundle, which can be months after the genuine engagement, and one reason I get a kick out of the chance to call them a Lovebirds representation session.


Aside from the couple getting acquainted with being before the camera, couples wind up adoring the engagement session encounter since it was fun and no place close as scary or overwhelming as they envisioned. Additionally the couple are remunerated with some wonderful pictures and frequently their first since forever proficient representations as a couple.

To enable you to get settled before the camera before your big day. Additionally gives us a chance to become acquainted with each other and for you to know how I function in front of the big day, which will bring about more regular photos and an a great deal more casual wedding day since you will feel more like Im your companion just with huge cameras staying nearby my neck than a picture taker revealing to you how to posture.

I unequivocally trust great science and correspondence between a picture taker and couple alongside sound camera aptitudes and experience is the distinction between glad snaps and expert photos, and discover a large portion of our couples feel considerably more calm going into their big day from having a Lovebirds representation session.

Hazel cherishes shooting engagement sessions, since it’s a way she can become more acquainted with the couple preceding the big day. Hazel has faith in building connections and trust with her couples, as that is the enchantment to making incredible photographs. All things considered, she is going through the whole day with the lady of the hour and prepare on their big day, and trusts it to be gainful to couples to feel like they are companions on the big day so they can unwind before the camera to the point where by and large they aren’t even mindful photographs are being taken and simply appreciate the day.


A Lovebirds representation session can be added to your wedding photography gathering or booked as a remain solitary photograph shoot for those couples who need an engagement shoot to commend their current engagement however haven’t yet begun arranging their wedding. The Lovebirds representation session is notwithstanding for couples who simply need to praise their affection whenever of the year, Valentine’s Day or extraordinary events, for example, commemorations, bringing about excellent photographs of you together at an exceptional time in your relationship.